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Torture in Palestine: a glimpse into Israel’s history of unrivalled cruelty

Occupied Palestine | فلسطين

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EmpireStrikesBlack | Oct 4, 2011 | Martin Iqbal

Recognition of ‘Israel’ is tantamount to approval of the crimes against humanity that forged its existence. Such recognition is absolutely inexcusable on any level, moral, legal, or otherwise.

Amnesty International has concluded that there is no nation on the face of the planet in which torture is as well-established and documented as in the case of the state of Israel(1). This, coming from an organisation not exactly renowned for its tenacity with respect to the Zionist entity’s crimes, is particularly telling. In addition to this the Zionist entity has a long history of refusing to investigate or even acknowledge the brutal torture that it visits upon its occupied, dispossessed, and terrorised victims.

The Shin Bet (known officially in English as the ‘Israel Security Agency’) is Israel’s…

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