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Study Shows Palestinian Authority Corruption ~ by @StephenLendman

Occupied Palestine | فلسطين

by Stephen Lendman | Stephen Lendman Blog | Oct 19, 2013

Palestinians under PA governance are ill-served, abused, lied to, exploited and otherwise mistreated.

Illegitimate president Mahmoud Abbas is a longtime Israeli collaborator. Betrayal pays well. He amassed a personal fortune.

It’s stashed in overseas bank accounts and other investments. Reportedly he’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars. It’s stolen money.

He enriched himself throughout his tenure. He has secret land deals. He helped his sons become millionaires.

A July 2012 House Foreign Relations Committee investigated chronic PA corruption.

Testimony given said fraud and other venal practices “within the Palestinian political establishment have been endemic for decades.”

“Reports suggest that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, like his predecessor, Yasser Arafat, has used his position of power to line his own pockets as well as those of his cohorts and cronies, including his sons, Yasser and Tarek.”
The Palestine Investment Fund (PIF)…

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