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How The Neoteric Science PhDs Have Wrecked The World, February 22, 2014


22/02/14: SFP plant olive trees in Jeet and settlers attack

Originally posted on solidarity movement for free Palestine:
On Saturday morning activists from SFP joined the village of Jeet, in Qalqliya, in planting olive trees in an act of steadfastness. The activists planted several areas of land before proceeding to land stolen by the illegal settlement of Gilad. The activists successfully planted 15 olive trees…

John Rankin Waddell, le boycott, Scarlett Johansson et les “zélotes extrémistes juifs” qui contrôlent Hollywood

Originally posted on Mounadil al Djazaïri:
John Rankin Waddell est, si j’en crois la presse anglo-saxonne, un photographe très connu, notamment dans le milieu de la mode et des célébrités, qu’elles appartiennent au monde de la politique comme la Reine Elizabeth II, à celui de la musique comme les Rolling Stones ou encore du…

Discours de Victor Hugo sur la misère ( à partager autour de vous )

Originally posted on jeunecitoyen:
Victor Hugo « discours sur la misère » à l’Assemblée Nationale le 9 juillet 1849  «Je ne suis pas, Messieurs, de ceux qui croient qu’on peut supprimer la souffrance en ce monde, la souffrance est une loi divine, mais je suis de ceux qui pensent et qui affirment qu’on peut détruire…

21/02/14: Israeli Army back to ‘business’ in Kufr Qaddoum

Originally posted on solidarity movement for free Palestine:
On Friday 21 February 2014 the village of Kufr Qaddoum held it’s regular Friday demonstration to attempt to open their connecting road to Nablus and Ramallah. The Israeli Army were back to the business of violence, firing volleys of tear gas at the demonstrators and rubber coated…

19/02/14: Israeli Army attack Burin boys school

Originally posted on solidarity movement for free Palestine:
On Wednesday morning, at approximately 11:00am, the Israeli Army invaded the village of Burin, just south of Nablus, and attacked the Boys High School. The Army attempted to enter the school to arrest students, but were thwarted in their attempts after the brave resistance by students, protecting…

Katarina Juvančič: Letter to Friends in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Originally posted on Bosnia-Herzegovina Protest Files:
O, you wretches! They mistreated your brother, and you close your eyes! An injured person calls for help, and you stay silent?A thug walks around choosing victims, and you say: We will be spared, because we did not rise up. What kind of city is this, what kind of…

Media in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Were we at the same protests?

Originally posted on Bosnia-Herzegovina Protest Files:
The article first appeared on Istinomjer.ba on 11 February 2014. Note that information on some of the linked URLs may have been changed or updated since the original article was published. Media in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Were we at the same protests? We knew that the profession of journalism…

Croatia: PM Visits Bosnian Croats And Protesters Say No Sex In Public Firms

Originally posted on Croatia, the War, and the Future:
Centre: Zoran Milanovic, Croatian Prime Minister In Mostar 9 Feb 2014Photo: Branimir Boban/Cropix This is not a joke; this is reality! “Why is there no sex in state firms and government offices?… Well because it’s all relatives…family … in the Council, in the Government, in the…

PEN Center BiH: A Statement of Support, and an Appeal to Writers and Artists Worldwide

Originally posted on Bosnia-Herzegovina Protest Files:
This statement was published originally on February 12, on the website for the PEN Center in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The Board of PEN Center in Bosnia-Herzegovina sends its strongest support to the just claims of protesters who in increasing numbers appear in the streets of Bosnia-Herzegovina’s cities. Protest against inefficient and…