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Originally posted on Desertpeace:
Tickets for the concert are to go on sale on Sunday, March 30, at 9am. The tickets cost 695 shekels ($200) for the cheapest spaces, 1,790 shekels ($515) for the “golden ring”, and 2,850 shekels ($820) for VIP seats. * * Rolling Stones to play Tel Aviv concert in June  …

Tuberculosis Severely Underreported in Children

Originally posted on TIME:
Tuberculosis infects about 1 million children each year, much more than previously thought, and scientists estimate that about 32,000 of them are infected with an especially dangerous and drug-resistant type. In a report published the journal the Lancet on World Tuberculosis Day, researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s Division of Global…

(تضامن ايرلندا مع فلسطين) Irish solidarity with Palestinian child prisoners

Originally posted on solidarity movement for free Palestine:
Today Damien Austin, tortured as a child during the Irish struggle for freedom, sends his solidarity to the Hares boys and all Palestinian children. Telling them to “never give up hope” and sending a message to the world to show solidarity. On Friday 15 and 17 March…

German Ex-Rapper Fighting in Syria Calls for Jihad in Central African Republic

Originally posted on TIME:
A new video by a foreign fighter thought to be in Syria is making the rounds on Twitter not because of what the man is asking of his followers, but because of where he wants them to go. Denis Cuspert, the German-Ghanaian ex-rapper known as ‘Deso Dogg’ who now goes by…

Climate Change Could Cause the Next Great Famine

Originally posted on TIME:
It’s St. Patrick’s Day, which means the 100 million or so people of Irish descent around the world get the opportunity to celebrate their heritage with song, food and increasingly controversial parades. The sheer size of the Irish diaspora is what has made St. Patrick’s Day an international event—after all, there…

15/03/14: Activists set fire to Military Tower

Originally posted on solidarity movement for free Palestine:
On Saturday activists returned to the Beit Furik checkpoint, which divides the villages of Beit Dajan and Beit Furik from Nablus, and set fire to the military watchtower. Activists had previously partially destroyed the checkpoint which also consists of a gate and bunker. The checkpoint is still…

14/03/14: Activists issue eviction orders to illegal settlements

Originally posted on solidarity movement for free Palestine:
On Friday activists issued eviction orders to the illegal settlement. Activists placed notices along settler roads and settler bus stops making it clear that their presence in stolen Palestinian land would no longer be tolerated. Like the numerous eviction orders illegal issued to Palestinians, activists let the…

PressTV: US to give Israel $429 million for its Iron Dome missile system

Originally posted on 2012: What's the 'real' truth?:
The pentagon says the agreement was signed last week. Tue Mar 11, 2014 1:10PM GMT Related Interviews: ‘Israel, US liability or ally’ ‘Israel too weak to wage war on Lebanon’ Related Viewpoints: Questions on Syria’s CWs disarmament The United States and Israel have signed an agreement under…

Canada ‘concerned’ after Tunisia denies entry to a dozen Israelis aboard Norwegian Jade cruise ship

08/03/14: The Fourth Women’s Conference, Beit Ummar

Originally posted on solidarity movement for free Palestine:
On International Women’s Day, 8 March 2014, it is an important day around the world, Palestine is no different. So on this the 103rd Women’s Day, we held the Fourth Women’s Conference: Resist for Change, in Beit Ummar. Palestinians and women from many countries got together to…