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REVELATION. Manuel Valls a utilisé Dieudonné pour masquer un gros scandale

Originally posted on Allain Jules:
Dieudonné (à droite) Le mensonge a toujours eu les jambes courtes. Manuel Valls, le ministre de l’Intérieur ou plutôt de la morale, sans morale, est véritablement le Monsieur Loyal de ce gouvernement de godillots. Il y a au moins deux choses très interessantes dans son désastreux bilans. La première, c’est…

Discriminatory Laws in the “State” of Israel. Apartheid

Bertrand Russell on Palestine

Originally posted on Frank Natter:
“The tragedy of the people of Palestine is that their country was “given” by a foreign power to another people for the creation of a new state. The result was that many hundreds of thousands of innocent people were made permanently homeless. With every new conflict their numbers increased. How…


Originally posted on Desertpeace:
It’s time to bite the bullet. We of the critical (non/anti/post-Zionist) Israeli peace camp understand why a liberal Zionist organization like J Street could never consider, let alone accept, the end of the two-state solution. You say it yourselves: the end of the two-state solution is the end of Israel as…


Originally posted on Desertpeace:
…. Or why Palestinians do not have a peace partner * First, from the Diaspora itself … * Moving on to Hebron … * The extremists in our midst … * All summed up by our very own Psycho Gal … * Foxman simplifies matters by bringing up the Pollard case…