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Is Israel’s reliance on unconditional backing coming to an end?

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Image from the Telegraph

I am not jumping to conclusions and assuming the US, or the EU for that matter, is making a radical change in policy towards Israel. Should a veto be required in the UN Security Council, the US Index finger will rise without hesitation. But for the US to ‘recognise’ the new Palestinian Unity Government, with all the caveats regarding watching how it develops, is worthy of analysis.

Netanyahu must have been confident when he announced Israel would not work with the Government and demanded the World toe the Israeli line that the World would listen. He must have assumed the US was in the bag, the awkward Europeans would be lukewarm and that the Government would be boycotted and the Palestinians brought to their knees as aid dried up.

After all when the last unity Government was formed back in 2007…

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