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Judaization of Jerusalem and Israeli Measures

Originally posted on Shake Your Conscience !:
Since Jerusalem fell under the occupation of Israel, in the aftermath of 1967 war, the auhorities in the Jewish state have adopted specific measures to bring about its Judaization and annexation. These measures included the expulsion of the Arab natives of Jerusalem, confiscation of their land and property, destruction…

This is NOT Recognition. By Miko Peled

Originally posted on Miko Peled:
? As the recognition by European countries of a so called “State of Palestine” continues, it is becoming obvious that this is nothing but an old colonial trick dusted and reused. The fact that liberal Zionist hypocrites the likes of the Israeli writers Amoz Oz and David Grossman are all…

From Palestine To The World -We Are The World.

  From Palestine To The World -We Are The World. // Post by ‎Shasha.ps | شاشة نيوز‎.