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Judaization of Jerusalem and Israeli Measures

Shake Your Conscience !


Since Jerusalem fell under the occupation of Israel, in the aftermath of 1967 war, the auhorities in the Jewish state have adopted specific measures to bring about its Judaization and annexation. These measures included the expulsion of the Arab natives of Jerusalem, confiscation of their land and property, destruction of their houses, and sacrilege of the holy places of both Christians and muslims alike. The aim of these measures was to alter the Arab cultural, demographic and historical character of the holy city. Following are some specimen measures and policies of ethnic cleansing, sacrilege and confiscation of land and property adopted by Israel to marginalise the Arab population of the land in order to Judaize it:

* Some 80,000 Arab citizens have been forcibly driven out of thier homes in Jerusalem

* Confiscation of over 35% land in East Jerusalem for the establishment of illegal Jewish settelments and roads.


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