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Jacob Cohen speaking about Charlie Hebdo.

The Wall Will Fall

Jacob Cohen is a Moroccan French writer who has been a staunch anti zionist activist and pro Palestine advocate for decades.

On the 12 March 2012 in a cafe at 109 Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris, Jacob Cohen was attacked as he was launching his latest book on the Palestinian cause, by members of the Jewish Defense League who filmed the attack before posting it on the internet.  They attacked Cohen for his “militant anti zionism”


Q:  Following the attack on Charlie Hebdo, the media narrative has been dominated by an emotional reaction at the expense of objective analysis.  In your blog you stated that Charlie Hebdo, once a reactionary media outlet, had of late been more influenced by the Zionist lobby.  Could you tell us more?

JC:  It all began with Phillipe Valls who launched a financial campaign to gain  control of Charlie Hebdo.  He also made huge…

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