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YARMOUK: understanding the situation

In Gaza

Given the immense amount of lies and war-mongering prevalent not only in the corporate media/MSM but also amongst Palestine supporters who either unknowingly have got the story of Yarmouk wrong or, worse, are collaborating with the war-mongerers against Syria, and thus against Palestine… I’ve collated some important articles for anyone who is genuinely interested in understanding what is happening in the Yarmouk district of Damascus and how this came to be. Additionally, one excellent investigative article details the situation of Palestinians in Syria and their involvement or not in the “crisis” (read: imperialist-zionist-fat gulf war against Syria).


**Who Are the Starving and Besieged Residents of Yarmouk and Why Are They There?, Paul Larudee, Apr 21, 2015, Dissident Voice

***Stealing Palestine:Who dragged Palestinians into Syria’s conflict?, Nov 10, 2014, Sharmine Narwani, RT.com

Divided PLO unable to manage Yarmouk crisis–Tim…

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