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The Most Orderly of Cities: Nablus At The End Of The Great War

Originally posted on Palestine Square | ميدان فلسـطيـن:
In July of 1918, the final year of the Great War, British Field Marshal Sir Edmund Allenby looked to capitalize on numerous small summer operations in the Judean hills in order to push northward through the mountainous interior of Palestine. Some seven months after his triumphant – if not heavily…

UNESCO: The Western Wall is not Jewish

Originally posted on Rehmat's World:
UNESCO has finally accepted the historical fact that the so-called Western Wall (Wailing Wall) had nothing to do with Judaism. It’s remains of a Roman fortress wrongfully adopted as a religious structure by the Jewish colonists. The same applies to the Al-Aqsa Mosque complex which the mostly atheist Zionist Jews claim to…

Deir Yassin Massacre – April 9, 1948

Originally posted on Occupied Palestine | فلسطين:
Deir Yassin Remembered – video By Reham Alhelsi | 10 April, 2010 | A Voice From Palestine Since the arrival of the first Zionist to Palestine, hundreds of massacres have been committed against unarmed Palestinian civilians in the name of “Israel”, making this entity synonym to death and destruction. One…