"Nothing is more precious than peace. Nothing brings more happiness. Peace is the most basic starting point for the advancement of humankind." -Daisaku Ikeda
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Donald Trump’s Israel Adviser: We Will Go Ahead With Embassy Move to Jerusalem

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Sorry America, It is not YOU, it is US (*) …

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Lessons from the USA election campaign The coming elections in the US supplied an extraordinary drama, watched with both enthusiasm and disdain almost all over the world. If this is the most important democratic election for the most influential leadership position in the world, the scarcity of the debate about…

Facebook e Israele annunciano ufficialmente una collaborazione per censurare i contenuti sui Social Media

? 21 settembre 2016, Whitney Webb di Activist Post ? Dopo le polemiche seguite alla censura che Facebook ha fatto di una fotografia famosa in tutto il mondo della guerra del Vietnam, Facebook ha accettato di “lavorare insieme” al governo di Israele per censurare contenuti che funzionari israeliani ritengano essere impropri. Facebook ha annunciato ufficialmente…

Czech schools remove Jerusalem as the capital of Israel from books

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Czech schools will no longer label Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, The Prague Daily Monitor reported, citing a Czech daily newspaper Mlada fronta Dnes on Monday. The decision came after the Palestinian Authority embassy complained to the Education Ministry due to an atlas used in local schools which listed…

Nabi Saleh gathers for joy

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Nabi Saleh, West Bank | Women from the village circle around an overwhelmed Nariman as music blasts from speakers in the overcrowded balcony. In a labored smile, Nariman catches her breath while trying to inconspicuously sneak glances at her son. Her young Waed has finally been released from Israeli prisons after nine and…

Holocaust Discourse and the Moral High Ground

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Barbara McKenzie The Jewish Holocaust occupies a unique position in modern Western society, in that questioning the facts of the Holocaust is suppressed and vilified on a global scale as no other topic of human history. Why is research into the Holocaust so problematic? Why is it that serious research by…

No sign of Israel in ancient Canaan

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“Take Egypt out and the whole structure of the Israelites’ tale would instantly fall apart.” Dr. Ashraf Ezzat Did you know that Egypt is mentioned in the Holy Bible approximately 700 times (Egypt: 595 times, Egyptian(s): 120 times). Obviously, Egypt must have played a vital role in the history of the Hebrews…

MR. MARJAN HAJNAL, bosansko-hercegovački intelektualac u Izraelu: NAŠ CILJ JE JEDAN I JASAN: USTAV RBiH

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Utoliko je ova čast koju ukazuješ meni mogla pripasti i bilo kome drugom, ali kad je već na mene ispao taj izbor, vjerovatno je tome razlog što si i Ti u meni prepoznao sličnog borca za Istinu. Utoliko Ti hvala na časti, a Tebi čestitam na broju 300 intervjua i da…

10° edizione per la Fiera internazionale del Libro della Palestina

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A Ramallah, lo scorso 7 maggio è stata inaugurata la 10° edizione della Fiera internazionale del Libro della Palestina, che si terrà fino al prossimo 17 maggio. Il tema di quest’anno è: la Palestina legge, mentre il Paese ospite d’onore è il Kuwait. Secondo alcune fonti, 400 sono gli editori che…

The Palestinian Museum to open on 15 May 2016

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The Palestinian Museum The Museum will connect Palestinians throughout historic Palestine and the diaspora Ramallah (19/8/2015) – May 15, 2016 has been confirmed as the opening date for the Palestinian Museum.  The Museum, whose hub in Birzeit (25 km north of Jerusalem), is to act as a link between…